PowerAMP Latest Update

B558 – Poweramp’s Best Work Yet

Poweramp official release

Poweramp official release

    Poweramp released the latest update for Android – version B558. It is 5.9 MB on size and is available for Android and Intel based devices. it’s so good isn’t it for Poweramp full version. It is better used on Intel devices as it maximizes efficient of the ultra powered processor not available for Android devices unlike Poweramp unlocker of its full version.

Such is the power of Poweramp – the best music player for Android powered devices but not on IOS.   This is for v2.0.9 Build 558. Improvements include things not seen on earlier version of Poweramp like on 557 and 556. Poweramp full version unlocker for its latest version is released last June 13. I dont know why but they released it on that day after some months from the build 557 but it is still v2.0.9. Poweramp doesn’t want to change the v2 numbering. 

The latest Poweramp full version added further recognition for previously unrecognized mp3 and music types which is very good considering some people have complained about it for long time now. Poweramp unlocker also has new translation libraries making it useful to almost every people in the world that owns an Android device.

This is sure to improve Poweramp recognition for its innovative unlocker of its full version in the long run and something not parallel by other media players on the market that is still growing and growing everyday as more people are introduces to smartphones. This is because of Google and Samsung teaming up to topple Apple and put Nokia into forgotten times is actually good for Poweramp full version unlocker with the latest version this 2014. There are also a lot of tiny fixes and improvements not really be noticed by casual users of Poweramp but is a big go for poweramp developers technically using it. Without a doubt, Poweramp’s latest release full unlocker is the best built yet for the upcoming months and nothing can be compared to it across the smartphone market platforms.  


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