Android Media Player

List of New Media Players for Android


As of writing, there are a lot of Android Music Player that is being released every week and its very much a fast phase. But it is good thing for us as it means we are getting a lot more of powerful Poweramp choices and N7 music player to use everytime we want to play any multimedia files on our Android phones and tablets.


As of last checking of statistics, Android makes up more than 85% of shares of all smartphones and tablets of all time in this century. Thus the development of Media players have increased for Android in a level not seen beforehand the smartphone era. Many media playres are adding much features that we can benefit as users like equalizer, booster on bass, treble, and middle rifts, visual effects that bounces as your music goes up and down on volume and many more.


Also added are album art works which you can edit and tags if you want. These are very useful and unique as it makes your Android music player looks much way better than a blank screen on black. These makes your playing experience way better when playing Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 in any definitions. But Android is now capable of playing 1080p and 4k definitions which is better and will make you buy the latest Android from Samsung or LG from Korea right now.


Android is still a bit lagging behind Apple IOS and Iphone when it comes to the number of media apps but this won’t last longer as Android developers are catching up and creating more and more apps every day and week. This will result to a massive competitive scenario and only the best Android Music and media players will remain. Some of these are MX Player, ESX Cluster players, and N7 player. The default player is also good but lacks some significant effects and should be forgotten if you want a good media experience.